Privacy Policy

Your satisfaction and sense of privacy are crucially important to us. We take a several steps to ensure the safety and privacy of your data in an effort to give you a pleasant and satisfying shopping experience with us. Our goal is to keep you a life long customer. We believe “Word of Mouth” is the best form of advertising.

Credit Card Numbers

Your credit card transaction is conducted through a secure server via an SSL certificate and a payment gateway. Your credit card number is stored on a PCI complaint payment gateway only long enough for a charge to be made to it. Once the transaction is complete, your credit card number is removed to guarantee your safety and privacy. This can be verified by the green bar on your web browser during checkout. Your credit card information never actually hits any server managed by HD Defense. It is processed exclusively though a secure system, specifically designed to handle these transactions privately and securely.

E-mail Addresses

SPAM is a distraction and a waste of inbox space. We get it! We hate it as much as you do. HD Defense will never EVER give out or sell your email address to anyone, even organizations that we think you might be interested in. You can trust that when you supply your e-mail address for ordering or account purposes, you will not receive any other e-mail as a result for anything other than routine business communication. Routine e-mails are limited to order confirmations, customer questions, and possibly the occasional newsletter, which you can opt out of.

Personal Information

As mentioned above, your personal information is very important to us. Any names or addresses provided will only be used by you the customer, and by HD Defense exclusively for ordering or shipping purposes. It should be understood that we will have to share your mailing information with the delivery carrier (the shipping label), and the receiving FFL dealer (the entity who will be performing the paperwork on the receiving end) of your choosing firearm purchases. This is required by US Law and BATFE Regulations. HD Defense complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws governing the sale, transfer and ownership of firearms. Therefore, your contact information will only be shared with the FFL Dealer of your choosing along with the parcel carrier. There is no other circumstance where we would give away any of your personal information, unless we are served a subpoena as required by law.