Technical Specifications:

Stock: N/A
Forearm Brace: SB Tactical SBA3
Receiver Extension: 7075 Aluminum Round Pistol Tube
Handguard: 7″ Free Floating Aluminum
Metal Finish: Anodized Black
Muzzle: A2 Flash Hider
Receiver Material: Forged 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Sights: Optics Ready
Barrel Description: 7.5″ 4150CMV Gun Barrel Grade Steel Nitride Coated
Bolt Carrier Group: MPI M16 Nitride Bolt Carrier Group
Trigger: Made from 8620 Steel Investment Casting then final ground as per MILSPEC

The Genesis Pistol is available in many configurations, however this one is just plain fun. The muzzle flash is huge, even with the flash hider. The firearm is also loud. However, it is also incredibly compact. Roughly 21.5″ inches in length, the Genesis 7.5″is compact and legally permitted to carry in a vehicle within the state of Pennsylvania (with a valid LTC). This firearm is fully customizable and includes a SBA3 collapsible brace, and with various barrel options.


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Note: The Genesis V3 pistol in 300 Blackout has a very short barrel. This firearm has a significantly reduced dwell time when compared against a similar firearm with a 16″ barrel. Because of the wide variety of commercial 300BLK ammunition, and our desire to build a user friendly and reliable firearm, it is specifically tuned to cycle “Supersonic” ammunition. Therefore, it likely will not reliably cycle ammunition with a rated muzzle velocity of under 1000fps. Subsonic ammunition is specifically intended to be fired through a suppressor , and adding a suppressor that generates additional back pressure (as most do) will generally restore reliable cycling.
Please note that firing subsonic ammunition out of a 7.5″ barrel reduces muzzle velocity to well under 800fps and will deliver the same amount of energy as a common 380ACP round. The V3 Pistol can be tuned for Subsonic 300BLK ammunition, however this will dramatically increase felt recoil and muzzle rise, especially when firing supersonic ammunition.
Please don’t hesitate to call our technical line (1-833-CALL-HD1 Option 2) for any additional details.