Caring for your firearm is just as important as caring for any other mechanical device that you own. HD Defense recommends, first and foremost, that you thoroughly inspect and verify that your firearm is clear and inert before any kind of maintenance is performed. Keep in mind that accidents can be lethal, and with a little bit of common sense and attention, accidents can be avoided. Follow the guidance and guidelines provided in your firearm’s Owner’s Manual.

HD Defense recommends that you inspect your firearms for wear, cracks, and damage regularly. Worn components can fail catastrophically and can hurt you. It is important to clean your firearm after every range visit in an effort to remain in good serviceable condition at all times. We recommend that you use only quality lubricants intended for firearms.

Most quality firearm lubricants are available for less than $20 and will last for at least a year for most owners. Some people like to experiment with automotive lubricants. While we are aware that many people experience little to no problems with these products, we caution that automotive lubricants contain various detergents and compounds that may not perform well in firearms or may damage the finish on your firearm. It’s always best to follow the instructions provided by the lubricant manufacturer.