All of our weapons are tested at the factory prior to leaving. We put enough oil on the gas rings and bolt face for the test fire procedure without causing a mass amount to seep out of the weapon during transport. Because of this, and the unknown amount of time it may sit at a dealer we strongly encourage the carrier group have oil re-applied prior to shooting. AR-15’s in general don’t need any heavy break in period. However, with that we always strongly encourage shooting brass ammunition when available and if you will be utilizing steel cased ammo a minimum of 200 rounds of Brass cased should be initially used to ensure proper seating of the gas rings and break in occurs. If You switch back and forth between Steel and Brass, please ensure you clean the weapon system thoroughly specifically after using any steel cased ammunition. Lastly, our weapons will run dirty, but with that they need to be oiled to ensure functionality. Dirty and wet is ok, Dirty and dry won’t work.

Dirty and wet is ok, Dirty and dry won’t work.
ISAIAH HAMEL, owner of Hd defense

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